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I am a mum of three sons aged 19, 15 and 12, so life is hectic, fun, and a little bit crazy.

I started this blog on March 27th 2010, So when reading from the beginning, my children were a lot younger (my youngest being only a few weeks old!)

I must apologise for my spelling, grammar, and punctuation during the early years of writing this blog. It is not something I am proud of, but thinking back, I would write my posts with a baby feeding in my arms, or asleep in my arms, or asleep in his crib for the total time of three minutes, two other children demanding attention, two very naughty dogs, and a house that created a mess by just walking in and out of a room, whilst forgetting what it was you went in there for.

I did all this by myself. I raised my boys by myself. When you have no choice, you just get on with it and do your best. So, my writing took a back seat, and my proofreading was little to non existent. 

My eldest son is 19, 6ft 3in (and still growing!) and has an autism diagnosis, alongside severe learning difficulties, and impaired communication. He is a cheeky, funny, arty boy, who challenges out dated opinions and views surrounding special needs. People remark to me how happy he is. He can be found strolling around the garden singing his repetitive songs ( most are unrecognisable to strangers, but I’ve heard them for years and despite him not being able to sing the words correctly, he has rhythm and tone). He was my inspiration for creating this blog.

My middle son is 15, going on 19, and is classed as ‘neuro typical’. He likes football, music, playing on the X Box 1, and perfecting the art of not listening to me, but managing to ask for food every three and a half minutes. 

He struggles to be in the middle of two brothers who have special needs, and I find myself constantly at war within myself thinking I am not giving him enough attention, but not wanting to over spoil him. I often remark about the long waits for appointments for the other two to see specialists, and the funding cuts that continue to be implemented by this Government,  but there is even less support or help for children like him, such as youth groups for young carers or those with siblings with special needs. 

The youngest is 12, and is another budding artist, who draws designs to then bring to life with boxes and other items. His imagination knows no bounds, and he astounds me with some of his creations and stories.

 He is lively, chatty, and incredibly loving, and tells me he loves me, on average, thirty seven times a day. 
He has a diagnosis of nystagmus and ocular albinism, alongside a slight speech delay ( which does not deter him from chattering non stop and asking questions). He has been attending a special needs school for 18 months, and they have been tremendous with him.

He is a little whizz at maths, and his reading and writing has developed enormously. He loves attending school, and if I’m being frank, I’ve never come across such kind, loving, inspiring, and exceptionally dedicated and talented staff before, so it’s no wonder he is eager to attend every day, and loves to talk about his day with me. 

As for me, I am 44, but despite having 3 sons, I still feel 19 on some days. I am an avid reader of books (not Kindles as I love the feel and weight of a proper book, and page turning), I adore cheese, I used to play the violin in a youth orchestra, sing opera for my county, and I’m a huge music fan and love all genres of it.

I have had many challenges and personal battles to deal with (many before I even had children) in my life, but I always try to remain positive, upbeat, and smile. I find joy in giving to others, be it a compliment, advice (which has been asked for), gifts, or just my time. 
I’ve received many hundreds of emails over the years, and have made dozens of friends from around the world, who stay in touch via email or other social networks, and I’m so glad we have this technology available to us, to enable us to learn, connect, and support one another in the confusing, stressful, and roller coaster life that is being a parent to a child with special needs.

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