Communicating What He Wants By Writing

Over the years, J has had numerous ‘magnetic drawing boards’ which are a progression on from the 80’s sketch boards called Etch A Sketch. Do you remember these? You could only control the movement by dials, so drawings were harder to do, and frustrating if you went wrong.

Around 12 years ago I found a really good brand of new style magnetic drawing boards, and have stuck to them ever since.
Every year he receives a new one as a present at Christmas, and he still loves to use them to communicate with me. He only ever really asks for food to eat, or food he wants me to order in the shopping basket online, or describes where the food he likes has been put.

The brand I use is called Tomy Megasketcher, and they’re hard wearing, bright, and fun to use, and all my boys have played on them over the years.

I’ve been collecting photos of what he’s written for the last few months, and here are a selection of the ones he’s brought to show me – he wants me to photograph them, and waits while I find my phone, and then wants me to take a picture. He reads out what he’s written, and I know this is his request for what he’d like!

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