10 Year Old Boy With Special Needs Forced To List His Faults By Teachers

I have read today about a 10-year-old boy with special needs forced to list his faults by teachers. The boy who has ASD, ADHD, and ODD, who attends a mainstream primary school, and who has been subjected to a form of bullying by the very staff who should know better.

There should be no excuse for any mainstream school (or any school for that matter) to promote what they did as a way that will help children who have a special need, and it seems incredulous that these staff members actually thought this was a good idea!

So, what did this school decide was a great idea to implement?
They requested this child’s classmates to say aloud what they dislike about him, and then made him write all of their dislikes down on a drawing of himself, which was then displayed in the classroom, for everyone to see daily.

This occurred last year, but has only come to light by the child’s parents recently, as like most parents with children at school, we get all their classwork and pictures back at the end of the Summer Term.

I sincerely hope that the staff at this school reevaluate their reasoning behind their choices, and try to understand why their actions have been so widely criticised.

We should all be working towards a better understanding and acceptance of disabilities.

You can read more about the story here

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