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Private Facebook Group – Why Don’t You Join?

I have been busy, and have helped co-found and design a new Facebook group for special needs and disabilities.

Within 4 weeks we have built the membership to over 600, and are looking to increase this further, as the feedback has been so positive. *Update* We are now at over 3000 members as of March 2022.

We have members from around the World.

It is a private group (so no one outside of the group can see what is posted), and is very highly moderated – zero tolerance of abuse, hate, cattiness, etc, and all requests to join are looked at – we are careful about fake accounts and people looking to cause drama or hurt.

There are a lot of Facebook groups for specific disabilities, but this one is breaking the mould and bringing everyone and every disability and special need together, young and old.

Whether you are a parent/carer/guardian/family member of a child and/or adult with any disability or special need, you are welcome!

Come and join the incredibly friendly, helpful, non-judgemental, and inspiring people, and share your story with us.

Clicking this link will open a new window and take you straight to the Facebook page. If you don’t have a Facebook account, setting one up is quick and easy.



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