sailing boat

Painting Piece By My Boy

Painting Piece By My Boy


School has officially ended for the summer break for J, and he brought home a piece of artwork he had created there.
I’ve posted his creations before, many of which were drawn on a ‘magnetic drawer’, with Tomy’s Megasketcher being his preferred one for many years. 


magnetic drawer


I buy a new one of these every year for him, as he wears them out, and they get quite bumpy and uneven. He can sit for an hour at times, just drawing away. I used to try and photograph these drawings, to capture his thoughts and feelings.


I am also bowled over by his latest painting, I just have to post it here to share. 

It is mixed paint on a canvas board, and it is quite textured. He wasn’t bothered when I asked him about it, and walked off! He walked back in, pointed to it, and said “sailing boat”, so that is what I shall call it – J’s Sailing Boat. 


sailing boat







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